sing Cosmokrator to understand Friends, Lovers or Enemies

The potential for using Cosmokrator in a light-hearted way at family tea, or at a party with friends and guests, is huge. It simply gives a rough guide to people’s Sun Signs and what they are really like, according to the recipe books of Astrology! Try it out with one or two people first, and move on from there – remember to have Linda Goodman by your side as well, in order to consult. It certainly helps you understand your children – and your parents!

Start with one other person to try out Cosmokrator. From their date of birth, identify their Sun Sign (see table under Cosmokrator as Time and a Calendar). When you have found that out, look for its symbol and colour on Cosmokrator, where you will also see in the inner zone their ruling planet and its slightly different colour. Now look up their Sign in Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs to find out all about them.

Then stand Cosmokrator up with your candidate’s Sun Sign panel facing more or less down, so that its opposite can be seen facing up at you, and that will be the sign, planet and colours of the person, object or activity who/which will best contrast with them. By free association with the colours Suggest to them people, things or activities that could bring equilibrium into their life.

Using Cosmokrator to find your 'other half'

The term, ‘other half’ refers not only to your partners in life, but also your enemies!

This is because oppositions in life can complete each other, but they can also literally oppose each other. Either way, the nature of oppositions is that they are intense and dramatic. Most of us have had relationships where our love for another can alternate with deep hostility.

Just as when you place complementary colours next to each other, you get a slight radiation of the colour into each other’s fields, so in your other half you will find a strange echo of aspects of yourself displayed by that person. This is because of the Ying-Yang phenomenon that the light half has a tiny dot of dark in it, and the dark half a tiny dot of light – this is as true if you paint your Ying-Yang in complementary colours.

Taking the most striking example, the opposition between Mars and Venus in Aries and Libra, most people accept that fiery Mars needs to be balanced by cool Venus, and vice versa. In terms of colour, if you are an Arean - ruled by Mars - fiery, Post-Box Red and forward in temperament, then you need the Deep Orchard Green presence of a Libran – ruled by Venus, or Libran surrounding or activity, to tame you! Conversely, an equable Libran needs the fire of Aries to be stimulated into action. All the same, this opposition can mean that lifestyles are incompatible if the two people concerned are actually living together. Distance between friends is as important as intimacy!

Going on to look at the other pairs, if you are a Copper Taurean - ruled by nature-oriented Pan - you will be balanced to the utmost by the still deep waters of Turquoise Scorpio – ruled by Pluto. In enmity Scorpio’s search for spirituality can clash with Taurus’ love of material things.

If you are an Orange, somewhat adolescent Gemini – ruled by quicksilver Mercury - you will love the maturity of Royal Blue Sagittarians – ruled by dignified Jupiter – because they will absorb and contain your constant activity like a frame for a picture. Sagittarians feel the need to take someone junior in hand, so the feeling is reciprocal. But clearly the difference in their level of grown-upness can be a cause of conflict.

Egg-Yolk Yellow Cancerians concerned with nests and little ones and the minute details of every-day life (because they are ruled by the Moon) are given the wider view and overall structure that dull, Pewter-coloured Capricorn (ruled by detail-oriented Saturn) can provide. In reverse, Capricorn feels he or she can lay down all kinds of firm foundations for the ever-giving and nurturing Cancerian in a family situation – this opposition describes the classic Father/Mother roles. But when enmity is in the equation, Saturn’s rules stifle Cancer’s waxing and waning changefulness.

One of the most electric oppositions is that between Leos and Aquarians. Where Golden Leo – ruled by the Sun - is royal in demeanour, conscious of their place amongst a ruling, chosen few, Gas-Light Mauve Aquarians – ruled by ever-switching, sparkling Uranus - are concerned to bathe in humanity at large, in brotherhood and sisterhood. If they don’t clash, an Aquarian will lead a Leo towards egalitarianism, while the Leo will teach the Aquarian how to give orders.

Finally, swirling, frondy Pisceans (ruled by Neptune) - hectic and histrionic as their colour, Magenta, and prone to unleashing chaos around them - are arrested into a coralline order by Olive Green Virgoans (ruled by master-craftsman God, Vulcan) whose need is to organise others’ madness and untidiness into some kind of structure.

For each set of complementaries, because we are talking about oppositions, the mutual attraction or repellance is so dramatic and electric that the tension can be unbearable: opposites may attract, but they also kill! That is what makes it dangerous, for it can turn out that a Virgoan will go mad herself trying to deal with a Piscean’s rampant disorganisation.

When, by using Cosmokrator’s Spanner/Veil 1, you analyse your colleagues at work, or family friends at a party, you may not only be identifying great loves, but also great hates – and the swing between the two.

Cosmokrator in the office

A whole book could be written about bosses by secretaries - and about secretaries by bosses. It can be rather gratifying to find out the boss's Sun Sign and look him up - and find that the Stars indeed confirm your opinion of him as an untidy and chaotic person unable to show emotional warmth - and yes, he might well be wearing a tie of the colour of his ruling planet without knowing it! Remember that Cosmokrator can help you find ways to balance his worst foibles: look at his opposite sign, planet and colours and look for people or coloured items (such as a tie) that will balance him – of which more in our section on using Cosmokrator spiritually.

Bosses: remember that the same applies to your least manageable employees. You could even base your entire office party (see Cosmokrator at Home) on Cosmokrator games, using it to mend fences by discussing people's traits in a joking way that helps others accept them.

In the shark-infested waters of office politics, surreptitious use of Cosmokrator can defuse situations. Perhaps someone at a desk near you rubs you up the wrong way. Find out their birth date by fair means or foul, and look up their Sign and colour on Cosmokrator. Then consult Linda Goodman's books (Sun Signs or Love Signs) to find out more about them, and whether they are compatible with your Sun sign and colour. If you find your colours next to each other are not exactly beautiful together, you have the level of your incompatibility demonstrated to you visually, in a nutshell! Similarly it will be no surprise to find that those you get on with best will usually have Sun Sign and Planetary colours compatible with your own.

To help an uncomfortable situation, see what happens if you stick up on the wall behind you a sheet of coloured paper, or picture, in the opposing colour to your workmate's Sun Sign colour to see if that defuses the 'bad vibes' between you. You could do it more subtly by wearing clothes of that colour, or putting a vase of flowers/plant of that colour on your desk or windowsill.

Using Cosmokrator to get 'inside intelligence' on your work colleagues helps you accept them - and yourself - as you are. You, too, can 'do' unconditional love - accepting people whole, along with their faults and foibles.

This information then enables you to see how best to work with people according to their strengths (some people are practical and are good with physical work, whilst others are in their element using their mind but hopeless coping with the physical world) and not to blame them for their vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Cosmokrator at Home

After experimenting with one or two people on their own, the potential for using Cosmokrator in a light-hearted way at family tea, or a party with friends and strangers, is huge. It simply gives a rough guide to people’s Sun Signs and what they are really like, according to the recipe books of Astrology! Remember to have Linda Goodman’ Sun Signs by you side as well, to consult. It certainly helps you understand your children – and your parents!

Let us look at an example. Two children have parents who are a Virgo mother and Taurus father (trine to each other, so highly compatible). They have one son who is Sun Sign Capricorn (trine to both parents), and a Gemini daughter. Try as she might, the mother finds her daughter annoying. If you check on our flat zodiac diagram under Cosmokrator and Astrology, and count the number of signs between her and her mother’s you will see straight away that they are square to each other (see the Kepler diagrams in Cosmokrator and Astrology).

Look at their two colours - astrologically they are square, and their colours are dissonant - so it's always going to be hard work. This helps to understand and accept the situation, and realise the two will have to really try to give credit to each other’s strong points – and tiptoe round each other’s touchy ones.

The father's sign is next to his daughter's - which means that it's a safe, if not very exciting, relationship. Their colours gradate from Copper to Orange, as they are next to each other on the spectrum.

Overall, it is not a surprise to find the son is the favourite in the family, because his colour is trine to both that of his mother and his father - and that the daughter will always feels the odd one out - without any need to have recourse to complicated theories of psychoanalysis!

This is the delight of Cosmokrator - it can give you penetrating inside information (X-ray-like at times) about other people without having to dig information out of them by asking them obvious questions. It reveals aspects of people’s makeup you would not have guessed were there, but are. In an hour’s application of Cosmokrator’s principles you gain the kind of intelligence you might expect from a spy looking for clues for years. People are surprised that you know what's really going on. That is the power of colour matching and astrology for you, with Cosmokrator as the facilitator.

What is the point of all this? It simply helps you understand that people are of different types. You come to see that there is nothing personal about the way you get on or not with other people - it is simply a question of understanding the human types we are born as - you therefore become more detached about people you don't get on with and appreciate those with whom you’re on the same wavelength.

We would be interested to hear of any striking examples of your use of Cosmokrator in this way (see Contact Us/Feedback on the website)so that we can post real life examples on the website that you feel are worth sharing with other people.